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MARG Database for Super Market
MARG Standard database, accordance with contemporary technology! Some unique features and benefits of MARG SOFTWARE: ✅ Easy to use offline and online ✅ (Fast Billing) to buy and sell fast [...]
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VOA Pashto Auto Spare Parts Software
VOA Pashto Auto Spare Parts Software گزارش_سافتویر_مارگ_در_بخش_پرزه_فروشی_از_صدای_امریکا!
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Opening New Branch in Khost Province
مونږ ولایتونو ته د خپلو سفرونو په لړ کې دا ځل خوست ولایت ته لاړو، چې ددې ولایت د تجارانو له تود او بې ساري هرکلي سره مخ شولو. ډیر [...]
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Completion of ASMO Website
د ام سافت تکنالوژی شرکت او د افغان ټولنیزی موندي موسسه ترمنځ د ویب سایت جوړیدو قرارداد امضأ شو. ام سافت تکنالوژی د ویب سایت دیزاین او هاستینګ او د [...]
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Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of Appreciation The Managing Director of Marg ERP Limited Sudhir Singh Sir has appreciated M-SOFT Technologies avail Big Festival Scheme Month of October-2019 by awarding a certificate of merit.
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