August 22, 2020

Marshall Pack Manufacturing Company

M-soft Technology has signed a new contract with Marshall Pack Manufacturing Company.
We are providing Manufacturing, accounting, trading and shipping software in Afghanistan!

We design and provide software according to your needs.

  • Production planning
  • Testing raw materials
  • Quality control
  • Import and export
  • Material production formulas
  • Production departments (procurement, human resources, financial, administrative and livestock)
  •  Warehouse transfers (raw and finished goods)
  • More than 1024 different reports
  • Material packaging

To build any kind of database, software (manufacturing, wholesaler and wholesale) for your business Keep in touch with M-Soft Technologies.
Address: Farooq Business Center, Dahan Bagh Crossroads, Kabul, Afghanistan.
WhatsApp: 0774291300
Contact number: 0784291300/0744291300

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