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May 6, 2021

Web Hosting Company in Afghanistan

Web hosting in Afghanistan

Web Hosting Company in Afghanistan

M-SOFT is  the top-quality web hosting company in Afghanistan at unbeatable prices. With all these services, M-SOFT Web Hosting Service remains solid, profitable, and growing. The secret of our success is a carefully fashioned blend of technical expertise backed by excellent and unmatched customer-services. Give your website the power of reliable web hosting service, providing high speed servers with 99.9% uptime. Our web hosting service offers several plans with different storage and bandwidth options. Our smallest plan alone provides you with complete database storage, PHP4/5, net, Flash, FTP, POP Email and all other features that other companies will offer at additional cost. Most of our hosting customers have our own designed and programmed websites which assures that our servers are free from any spam, or unwanted contents.

Msoft Technologies

M-SOFT Technologies is an established software development company. We are registered with Ministry of Commerce and Industries, under license number D-77781 as Mohammadi Software Development Company. M-SOFT Technologies values hard work and quality. We believe in delivering excellent and cost-effective solutions to businesses. At M-SOFT Technologies, we use your ideas and imagination, turning your imagination into reality. We offer a wide range of information on technology solutions to public and private entities. Our customer-oriented work insures that we achieve our clients’ goals in a practical and efficient way. M-SOFT Technologies is authorized partner of Marg ERP software in Afghanistan. Our company has over 300 national and international website customers and more than 3000 users of MARG ERP software from different sectors, including but not limited to government departments, educational, group of companies, health, manufacturing, corporations, NGOs, societies, unions, private businesses and banks.

Our Mission
To satisfy and be loyal to our customers, we offer them quality software solutions at cost effective rates, help them to have an internet presence, and be able to manage their organization paperless and online.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be a company to achieve the highest professional standards, be a symbol of strong values and ethics, recognized as a leader in the software development sector, and loved by our stakeholders.

Our Goals

To satisfy and be loyal to our customers, we offer them quality software solutions at cost-effective rates, help them to have an internet presence



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