What is Website

What is Website

Full Explanation of What is Website

In simple terms, the website is a collection of webpages. The ‘webpages’ are online pages that you can view by using the internet and web service on a computer or smartphone.

For example, SiteSaga.com is a website, and you’re currently viewing a web page on it (this article) with the help of the internet.

We’ll provide the definition of a website, how it works, types, examples, etc. in the sections below. Keep reading to know everything about websites!

A. What is a Website? – Definition

As the name implies, a website refers to a ‘site’ on the ‘web’ where you can put information about yourself, your business, or any other topic and users can access it by using the internet.

B. What is a Website Used For? + Types of Websites

Every website on the internet is built with a specific purpose or goal. The organizations and businesses through their websites, aim to provide information and services to their members and customers.

Websites also have become a medium of entertainment like playing online games, watching movies, listening to music, and so on.

Similarly, e-commerce websites let us sell and buy things online. For example, www.amazon.com is one of the top eCommerce companies that runs a billion-dollar business via its website.

Types Of Websites With Examples

Here’re some of the popular types of websites along with what they’re used for:

  • Blog website – Provide information on various topics. Example: www.sitesaga.com (our website is a technology blog about building websites).
  • Entertainment website – Allows watching movies, videos, listening to songs, playing games, and so on. Example: www.youtube.com (free videos of different types like music videos, movies, comedy shows, etc.)
  • News portal – Makes readers updated with the latest news on the world scenario. Example, www.bcc.com (a news site featuring news on health, world politics, sports, culture, future, etc.)
  • Membership site – Offers premium content to registered or paid members. Example: www.netflix.com (a video and movies streaming site where only paid members can access them). More examples.
  • Social media site – Let users engage and interact with other users. Example: www.facebook.com (a social network site where people can connect, communicate and share ideas with one another).
  • Education website – Websites of schools, universities, or independent academic organizations that provide information about various courses available or offer online learning materials. Example: www.yale.edu (website of Yale University which provides information about various undergraduate and graduate programs, admission procedure, and also offers some online courses).
  • Government website – Provides different types of information and services and saves a great deal of time. Example: www.USA.gov (official website of United States government which includes information on various government programs like health, education, passports, etc.).
  • Search engine site – Help users search for things on the web and get useful results. Example: www.google.com (most popular search engine website).
C. How Many Websites are there Online?

The number of websites released per day is massive. It’s hard to say how many websites exist there in total so it’s impossible to make a list of all websites.

But we can always count! Here are some striking statistics about websites according to Internet Live Stats (retrieved on December 2021):

  • An unbelievable number of over 1.5 billion websites are there on the world wide web.
  • Among them, around 200 million websites are actively online.
  • According to the same source, there are more than 5 billion internet users in the world as of December 2021.
  • These users make about 3 to 4 billion Google searches per day!
  • And, about 4 million blog posts are published everyday.

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